The ED Critical Care Course

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newTranslate your theoretical knowledge into actions on the floor in your own Emergency Department.

2 - 4 September 2016 in the Netherlands
brought to you by EM Masterclass/MNSHA

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Wegens aanhoudende belangstelling vanuit de AIOS groep is dag 1 van de ED Critical Care Course opengesteld voor tweede en derde jaars AIOS. Het gaat voor AIOS dus alleen om dag 1, het theoretische gedeelte.


29 - 31 August 2016 in Sweden
brought to you by The clinical education and simulation centre Clinicum East Sweden

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An unstable patient in your ED; you know he needs intubation, hemodynamic support and ICU care, but how do you get him there safely….?

Incorporate critical care knowledge with skills and attitude by coming to the 3 day Critical Care Course, which brings you all the content you need to manage a critical care patient in Emergency Department, combined with loads of simulation and workshops. The course is run by an excellent international faculty with Cliff Reid, Clare Richmond and many more renowned names in Critical Care and Simulation.

Not enough time for the full three-day course?
Choose the 1 day option, where you get a full day of case-based discussions, bringing you all the aspects of critical care you need to get your patient ready for ICU.

This course is all about advanced resuscitation and designed for experienced Emergency Physicians (SEH artsen KNMG). We cover RSI in detail, ventilation, inotropes, neuroprotection, sepsis, paediatrics and a bit of major trauma.

The course is excellent either before or after a Masterclass Critical Care, but is designed to be done on its own.

Course outline

Day 1: case-based discussions and content delivery. This day will bring you up to speed with all the recent evidence and controversies surrounding Critical Care in the Emergency Department, as well as refreshing the basics. This day is led by Dr. Cliff Reid.
Maximum of 60 participants.

Day 2 and 3: A combination of simulation and workshops will allow you to put the knowledge into practice. An important step to make things happen on your shop floor. A large group of faculty and extensive support staff led by Dr. Clare Richmond ensure individualised learning and a personal experience.
Maximum of 30 participants.

You can choose to attend the full 3 day course or, if you are limited in time, to only attend day 1.

ED Critical Care Course 1


Dr Cliff Reid Photo 1Day 1 will be led by Dr. Cliff Reid, a well-known Emergency Physician and retrieval consultant from Australia, who has been running these courses for years with great success in the UK, Australia, Sweden and Slovenia. He runs a blog at and is a gifted speaker at many international conferences such as SMACC and ASM around the topic of Critical Care.



richmondDay 2 and 3 will be led by Dr. Clare Richmond, another well-known Emergency Physician and retrieval consultant from Australia. She is a world expert in simulation for Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, including the prehospital environment, and has run many simulation programs at conferences such as SMACC and Developing EM, as well as being responsible for the simulation training at Sydney HEMS. She is a devoted mentor and faculty member for all of the MNSHA Masterclasses, so has a real insight into the Dutch EM system.


There will be another 5 – 6 faculty members, all experienced simulation educators and Emergency Physicians from several countries in Europe. Their names and stories will appear on the website shortly.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the 3 day course, you will be able to:

Get your patient stabilised and ready for their ICU admission, receiving the best possible Critical Care in your Emergency Department. This truly connects Emergency Medicine with the other Critical Care specialties.

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Airway management:

  • Safely perform an RSI in a critically ill patient in ED
    • Optimise patient positioning for airway management
    • Maximise the effectiveness of bag-mask ventilation
    • Apply strategies to optimise first pass laryngoscopy success
    • Appreciate the indications and contraindications to rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia (RSI) in the emergency department
    • Prescribe an induction agent and neuromuscular blocker in adults and children
    • Interpret waveform capnography
    • Use a checklist for RSI
    • Perform rescue airway techniques in the event of failed laryngoscopy

Ventilation and post RSI care:

  • Initiate non-invasive ventilation
  • Optimise care for intubated patient in ED
    • Ventilation strategy
    • Analgesia, sedation and adequate post RSI care
    • Post-arrest care
    • Neuro protection
    • Transport ventilator


  • Identify and treat various causes of shock
  • Rapidly categorise causes of hypotension and PEA in resuscitation setting
  • Apply evidence based therapies to patients with shock, including fluid resuscitation and inotropes
  • Apply critical care principles to resuscitation of children in ED


ostergotlandSweden, Linköping:
Day 1: 29/08/2016
Day 2 and 3: 30-31/08/2016

Website Sweden

The Netherlands
Location: NSTZ, Ede, The Netherlands
Day 1: 02/09/2016
Day 2-3: 3-4/09/2016

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Price and registration

The price for the full 3 day course is € 1250
The 1 day only course is € 350

Registration Form The Netherlands


Accreditation is requested with the NSEP/NVSHA and with SWESEM

Cancellation policy

Please visit the registration form for the policy.