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    Welcome to the Masterclass of the MNSHA programme.

    It is envisaged that a total of six educational modules will address interesting, relevant, and complex issues covering the entire depth and breadth of Emergency Medicine.
    1. Masterclass Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergency Medicine
    2. Masterclass Acute Medical Emergencies
    3. Masterclass Critical care and Anaesthetics
    4. Masterclass The Trauma Patient
    5. Masterclass The Surgical Patient in the Emergency Department
    6. Masterclass Emergency Medicine
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    MNSHA is designed to challenge you...

    and stimulate life-long learning; to allow Dutch Emergency Physicians to integrate knowledge and balance varied aspects of EM; to take this into clinical practice and daily patient care.
    • Studyguide
    • Accreditation
    • Mentor Emergency Phycisian
    • Four faculty-members
    • Two evening meetings
    • Masterclass-days
    • Accommodation

Two MNSHA masterclasses in 2014

Are you a Dutch Emergency Physiscian or finishing your training program in 2013 and eager to strengthen your knowledge in a specific field of Emergency Medicine? MNSHA offers you two opportunities in 2014:

We will start 2014 with a brand new masterclass:

Acute Medical Emergencies
  • Start: 13th of january 2014
  • FtF day: 18th of februari 2014
  • Masterclass day's: 23-25th of april 2014

Inschrijven is niet meer mogelijk, de masterclass is volgeboekt.

In the second half of 2014 we will repeat the first masterclass:

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergency Medicine
  • Start: 8th of september 2014
  • FtF day: 15th of october 2014
  • Masterclassday's: 17-19th of december 2014

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